DOG KNIGHTS in North America!

Well holy shit, it’s been quite some time but we have a fresh batch of Dog Knights Productions stock! We have posted the more notable releases below but have more in the New Items / Specials page of the store. If you live in the U.S. and would like one of these fine releases just send us a message and we’ll ship your desired products to our U.S. store and hold them for you when they arrive, thus saving you mad shipping.

We’ve got big news coming next week, so be sure to check back :)

CASSUS - Separation Anxiety (12")

For fans of: Ostraca, Majorel and Portrayal Of Guilt.

The most progressive and jarring screamy hardcore release of 2018, without a doubt. Exceptional songwriting, screaming, singing, lyrics and artwork. Released on Dog Knights Productions.

12” on black with die-cut cover and art/lyric booklet. 10 songs. Download code included.

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BLUE FRIEND / KMKMS - Split (7")

For fans of: Sans Visage, Komuso and Yarmulke.

Fantastic Japanese screamy hardcore split. Both bands are quite similar and play a jarring, snotty yet noodley and melodic brand of screamo that really brings Sans Visage and Komuso to mind. Released on Dog Knights Productions.

Red, black smoke or blue splatter 7” with lyric insert. 4 songs by BF and 2 by KMKMS. Download code included.

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ØJNE / RAINMAKER - Split (7")

For fans of: Via Fondo, La Quiete and Suis La Lune.

Ridiculous Euro-screamo split that delivers on so many levels that I’m a bit nauseous. Yes, it’s that good. Released on Dog Knights Productions.

White 7" vinyl in a cut-out, foldover jacket w/lyric sheet. 1 track by each band. Download code included.

Listen to the split here:

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HEAVEN IN HER ARMS - White Halo (cassette)

For fans of: Envy, Protest The Hero and Yumi.

This is the newest (2017) release by Japan’s HEAVEN IN HER ARMS. It’s fucking amazing. Imagine if Envy listened to more metal but still did the quiet/loud thing. This limited edition tape comes in a box with a bunch of frills. Breathtaking in every way possible.

White tape with blue paint in white box with two-sided translated lyric sheets. 7 songs.

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