NUVOLASCURA 1st press almost out + alternate covers #/4!

Woah nelly…NUVOLASCURA’s self titled 12”LP is nearly sold out! We have but a single copy left in each store, and a nice little treat! But it’s not Halloween, you say? Well fuck it, the stores tell me it is. We had four 12” copies arrive with no jackets, so we painted up four and numbered them as all-black “overs edition #/4”. That’s pretty dang rare.


NUVOLASCURA - Nuvolascura 12"LP (ZBR140)

For fans of: Blind Girls, Mahria and Lord Snow.

Released January 26th, 2019. OVERS EDITION original painted alternate covers #/4

Featuring members of SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Letters To Catalonia, Ghost Spirit, Curtains and Heritage Unit, this California band (previously named Vril) unleash an absolute whirlwind of screamo fury with their 2019 self titled ‘Nuvolascura’ 12”LP. Combining head-scratching technicality with explosive, screamy, metallic hardcore, this full length will surely be among the top records of 2019. Mastered by Jack Shirley and art by Sean Leary.

12” black vinyl/200. Download code included.

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In additional news, the second press of the ‘Nuvolascura’ 12” goes to the plant by the end of September with a late 2019 release…less than a year after the album was first released! Our good friends at Dog Knights Productions have decided to jump on the second pressing /300 that will be on colored blue vinyl and we couldn’t be more excited about the whole thing.