March 29th, 2014 in Soybomb. CREEPER's final show with Animal Faces, GDP, Hashed Out and Ism. Below is CREEPER's full set (excluding approximately 2 minutes) that I made sure to document the passing of an incredible Toronto band. I was also able to interview them last year, which you can read in its glorious immensity here.

Get the band's discography on bandcamp and feel free to throw them a few bones for their hard work.

1 - Chronic Letdown

2 - (Your Body is a) Garbage Bag

3 - Privileged

4 - Cattle Car

5 - Half Lit Life

6 - F.T.P.

7 -  Drag

8 - Numbskull

9 - Mother (cuts out 1/2 way through song)

10 - Get a Grip (only the final minute-and-a-half)