Years of searching for a local punk/hardcore/screamo/emoviolence/whatever band to join or start finally culminated in the first show that THE WORLD THAT SUMMER played on Thursday October 22nd, the band for which I scream. We play a strange concoction of punk, screamo, metallic hardcore and post-hardcore that I know is influenced by bands such as Amber, Loma Prieta, Via Fondo, Old Soul, Young Mountain, Circle Takes The Square and La Quiete. I think a less heavy but faster version of Amber is most apt, but when Jesse sings I definitely hear more of an early Alexisonfire vibe. We were insanely lucky to be asked to play a local show with KEN MODE and LIFE IN VACUUM to which I responded with, "holy shit". We were asked to find another band to hop on the show so I contacted my good friends in WORST GIFT and voila, a stupidly good first show. So below is our full set and if you'd like to see videos by KEN MODE and LIFE IN VACUUM (who play an unreleased song) as well as reviews of each band, it's all linked here.


1 - The Cells Infuckingside Me

2 - Swine Dialect Incantation

3 - Some Guy Named Gabbo

4 - Sad Boise State

5 - The Standard Gravity of Impending Doom