Holy shit.

But Daves…what is WAX VESSEL? I’m glad I asked. “WV was founded with the express purpose of creating collectors items. We strive to provide limited run vinyl pressings with no compromise. We will always have the most insane variants, on the highest quality materials. Wax Vessel is built on a few key pillars:

No represses. These are collectors items.

No plain black records.

No unit counts above 300 (and even that’s a stretch for a non-joint release).

No unauthorized presses. We don’t believe in boots, artists should be paid.

No profit sharing. We do this because we love the format. Any profit is up to the band. They can donate or pocket it.

Our ridiculous news of the day is our first partnering release with WV, THE SAWTOOTH GRIN ‘Cuddlemonster’ 12”!!!


All releases are individually foil numbered in gold. Official pressing numbering will be out of 205 units - the base pressing plus the Wax Mage copies. Every order comes with extras in case of mistakes or items lost in shipping, but ‘overrun’ copies will be unnumbered, and not count towards official press numbers. We will track overruns in case anyone wants the “true” press count. To keep track:

WV005 - THE SAWTOOTH GRIN ‘Cuddlemonster’

54 on clearwater blue and orange extreme splatter

48 on opaque orange centerburst swirl, in clearwater blue, with black splatter

104 on transparent mandarin orange with black swirl

5 test presses on black

6 wax mage copies

OVERRUN: 1 unnumbered wax mage, 4 unnumbered mandarin orange swirl, 4 unnumbered splatter. Official press numbers are 6/50/50/100, but displayed numbers include unnumbered overrun copies.

Orders open on October 4th, 2019 at 9am PST.

California’s NUVOLASCURA released their self-titled 12”LP in early 2019 to widespread salivation, and the first press out of 200 on Zegema Beach Records is now long gone. This leads to some seriously sick news, as U.K./German behemoth Dog Knights Productions is taking over the European side of the repress release, with Zegema Beach continuing to distribute in North America. The second press is limited to 300 copies on white vinyl with stunning color-inversion artwork by Sean Leary. Fans of Lord Snow, Blind Girls, Mahria, Frail Hands aka extremely technical, driving and screamy hardcore/emo-violence will fall head over heels for this, easily one of the best releases of 2019.

300 copies on white 12” vinyl. 11 tracks. Download code included.

Released by:
Zegema Beach Records (U.S.A./Canada)
-> U.S.A. = https://zegemabeachrecords.storenvy.com/products/25389471-nuvolascura-nuvolascura-12-lp
-> Canada/Int’l = https://www.zegemabeachrecords.com/zegema-beach-releases/nuvost
Dog Knights Productions (Europe)

Nuvolascura Bandcamp = https://nuvolascura.bandcamp.com/album/nuvolascura

NUVOLASCURA - Nuvolascura (12"LP)
from 17.00

NUVOLASCURA - Nuvolascura 12"LP (ZBR140)

For fans of: Blind Girls, Mahria and Lord Snow.

Released January 26th, 2019. First press of 200 black 12"s sold out. Second press available on 300 white 12"s.

Featuring members of SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Letters To Catalonia, Ghost Spirit, Curtains and Heritage Unit, this California band (previously named Vril) unleash an absolute whirlwind of screamo fury with their 2019 self titled ‘Nuvolascura’ 12”LP. Combining head-scratching technicality with explosive, screamy, metallic hardcore, this full length will surely be among the top records of 2019. Mastered by Jack Shirley and art by Sean Leary. Released in Europe by our good friends at Dog Knights Productions.

12” white vinyl/300 w/black cover & lyrics on back cover. Download code included.

Listen here:

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SENZA ‘Even a Worm Will Turn’ 12”LP test press winner will be posted at 5pm PST.

We’ve got a bunch of sick new tapes out, all of which have swirled marble options, and all of them are going quick!

.GIF FROM GOD - approximation_of_a_human (cassetteLP)
from 6.00

.GIF FROM GOD - approximation_of_a_human (cassetteLP) (ZBR178)

For fans ofMe And Him Call It Us, Coarse and Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza

Zegema Beach and .gif from god have been working together since the band's inception, so it with both great privilege and excitement that we are able to offer you a cassette version of the Prosthetic Records 12"LP 'approximation_of_a_human'. Mixing maniacal mathcore with chilling shrieks and death growls, this conglomerate has explored well outside of their other groups (Ostraca, Truman, Kaoru Nagisa, etc.) and concocted a truly remarkable collection of songs that will do no less than pulverize and haunt you. We also have 10 specials available for only $10 that include the first LP ‘Defragmented…reformatted’ on red w/sparkle j-card bundled with the new album ‘approximation_of_a_human’ on blue/gold sparkle tapes.

250 tapes over 3 variants w/j-card. 12 songs.
100 painted marble swirl (50 ZBR/50 band)
100 blue/gold glitter (ZBR exclusive)
50 light blue (band copies)

Listen here:
coming soon via Prosthetic Records

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METH. - Mother of Red Light (cassetteLP)
from 7.00

METH. - Mother of Red Light (cassetteLP) (ZBR177)

For fans ofDaughters, Black Nail and .gif from god

We are elated to bring you the eagerly anticipated and highly incredible debut LP from Chicago’s experimental hardcore/screamo/noise project METH. by way of a cassette version of Prosthetic Records’ 12” vinyl (with alternate artwork and beautiful variants!). These 9 songs span the spectrum of nightmares and do so with equal parts new Daughters and Me And Him Call It Us, creating a truly unique, uncomfortable and intense journey in more than 40 minutes.

100 tapes over 3 variants w/j-card. 9 songs.
20 on white
20 ZBR pre-order exclusive (4 color sets, 5 copies each)
60 red/white/black marble swirl

Listen here:

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OLAM - I Will Guide Thy Hand (cassetteLP)

OLAM - I Will Guide Thy Hand (cassetteLP) (ZBR168)

For fans ofConverge, Minaret and Blue Noise

This exceptional debut LP from Indiana’s OLAM is bursting with metallic hardcore riffs, throat shredding screams and jaw-dropping drumming. The mixture of hardcore, metal, screamo and post-metal is truly a beautiful thing, and those vocals remind us of Jacob Bannon which is always a good thing. Easily one of the most impressive debuts of 2019.

32 tapes on gorgeous marble swirl w/j-card. 10 songs.

Listen here:

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MALIŠA BAHAT - Thus Far (cassetteLP)

MALIŠA BAHAT - Thus Far (cassetteLP) (ZBR160)

For fans ofA Paramount, A Love Supreme, Truman and Saetia

‘Thus Far’ is the collecting of works by Zagreb, Croatia’s MALIŠA BAHAT by Zegema Beach Records, who have been obsessed with the band ever since their ‘Only In Distance‘ debut EP. ‘Thus Far’ collects the 6 songs from said debut, 2 songs from their ‘Lack of Soul split’ as well as 3 new songs from their ‘ZMAR split’ and a previously unreleased Saetia cover of “Becoming The Truth“! We only made 50 copies and marble swirled every single one, with the first order in the Canada and U.S. stores getting a rare sparkle j-card/4. Photos/art by David Norman. Layout/design by Dave Cullen.

50 tapes on gorgeous marble swirl w/j-card. 12 songs.

Listen here:

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