THAT'S A LOT OF NEWS! / U.S.A. and CANADA stores open! Sales! Etc!

Well goddamn let’s not fuck around, here we go.

The U.S. store and Canada store are both open and linked from the homepage. Should you want the urls, here you go:

U.S. store =

Canada / International store =

New stock will be added to the Canada / International store frequently, as we have literally a ton of vinyl, tapes, cds, stickers, shirts and posters to put back up for sale.

Both the Canadian and U.S. stores automatically enter you into the draw for the following (10) available free packages. Contest closes September 31st at 11:59pm. Winners are chosen at random on October 1st and contacted via email. $$$ prices are before any discounts and taxes/shipping:

$10 or less = x3 packages (free 7")

$10.01-$25 = x3 packages (free 7" & tape)

$24.01-$50 = x2 packages (free 7", tape & 12")

$50.01-$100 = x2 packages (free tape, 2x7", 2x12")

$100+ = x1 package (free 2xtape, 3x7", 1x10" & 3x12" + one test press)

Zamplers shipping with orders $50+ and we only have about 15 of the 50 left to give out, as most went out with the COARSE pre-orders.

The sick new .gif from god ‘defragmented…reformatted’ repress and a special treat come in tomorrow, look for a full posting about it next week and a ton of goodies, to boot.

We have some stickers that we’ve tossed up in the “Specials” section of the store which is now active again. You’ll also find the new Zamplers #/50, Coarse, Young Mountain, etc. and two sticker packs left, so take a gander.

ZBR Sticker Pack /5

40 Zegema Beach Records stickers and a .gif from god sticker. Only 5 sets available. These took way too long I ain't doin' this again :)

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The ENVY/LOVE 12” tribute compilation is going to press in October for a late 2018 release. Here is the band and song listing:

APOSTLES OF ERIS - "Spiral Manipulation"
 - "Chain Wandering Deeply"
CARCAJOU - "All That's Left Has Gone to Sleep"
CROWNING - "A Farewell to Words"
GILLIAN CARTER - "0 and 1"
LKTDOV - "Black Past"
MASSA NERA - "The Light of all My Footprints"
NIBOOWIN - "Left Hand"
RESPIRE - "Go Mad and Mark"
SHIZUNE - "A Far Off Reason"

New stuff:

The debut COARSE 7” is so good we’ve literally had it on our record player non-stop. Botch, Norma Jean and The Chariot chaotic math-metal. Absolutely delicious.


COARSE - I 7"EP (ZBR124)

For fans of: Norma Jean, Botch and Vein.

Mathy metalcore straight from the womb of Norma Jean. COARSE are an intense and pummeling onslaught from drummer/vocalist Brandon (ex-Old Wounds) and guitarist/vocalist Ryan (ex-Capsize) and this is their absolutely ridiculous debut 7"EP, complete with six phenomenal mindfucks. All pre-orders from ZBR come with a free COARSE sticker and Zegema Beach Records sticker.

7" vinyl on black /300 with a two-sided insert and sticker. Download code included. 6 tracks.

Listen here:

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INFANT ISLAND’s self titled tape already sold out of the 10 gold copies, but nab a white one before the first press is all gone. Sensational debut LP.

INFANT ISLAND - Infant Island (cassetteLP)
from 6.00

INFANT ISLAND - Infant Island cassetteLP (ZBR127)

for fans of: Respire, Funeral Diner and The Spirit Of Versailles.

The debut LP from Virginia's INFANT ISLAND. 7 songs of lush, epic and driving screamo in the vein of Funeral Diner and Respire. Cassette limited to 10 super limited copies on gold and 90 on white. Download code included.

Listen here:

Cassette colour:
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YOUNG MOUNTAIN’s new 12” has been getting a lot of love, and rightly so. The Swedish post-hardcore/screamo group dabbles in black metal, post-rock and shoegaze on this beautiful gatefold full length.

YOUNG MOUNTAIN - Lost Tree (12"LP)

YOUNG MOUNTAIN - Lost Tree 12"LP (ZBR117)

For fans of: Respire, Envy, Careless, Devil Sold His Soul and Viva Belgrado

The debut full length from this half-a-decade long running Swedish screamo/post-hardcore band. Or should I start adding shoegaze, black-metal and post-rock to the mix? I should. This album is huge, epic, mesmerizing, lush and crushing. Truly, a full and complete piece of art and one of the biggest accomplishments of 2018.

12” black vinyl with insert. 8 tracks. Download code included.

Listen here:

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The 4-way split was released not too long ago and we still have copies. The 12” looks great, the bands are amazing and hail from the U.S., England, Italy and Malaysia, so expect a lot of variations on the concept of screamo.



for fans of: Off Minor, Itto and City Of Caterpillar.

Phenomenal new split 12" with all four bands coming from all over the world and kicking major ass. The intensity of this emotive hardcore/screamo record is as palpable as it is varied, with mathy, jazzy skramz all the way to fuzzy, chaotic and ambient screamo.

12" black vinyl /300 with insert. Comes with download code.

Listen here:

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