PEOPLE'S TEMPLE PROJECT / мятеж - Split (7")


PEOPLE'S TEMPLE PROJECT / мятеж - Split (7")

3.00 6.00

released on November 21st, 2015

For fans of: Funeral Diner, Youth Novel, Orchid and Mogwai.

PEOPLE'S TEMPLE PROJECT is from New York and play a very abrasive and melodic mix of screamy hardcore and emo music. Their three songs are unreal. мятеж is a project between Chris (Makara, Jenny Piccolo, Yaphet Kotto, Anal Knieval and The Anasazi) on all instruments and Dave (this record label!) on vocals. Think Orchid meets Tristan Tzara...or so I've been told.

300 7" black vinyl. 3 tracks by PTP and 2 by мятеж.

Listen to the split here:

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