OAKEN / MARNOST - Split (12")


OAKEN / MARNOST - Split (12")


OAKEN / MARNOST - Split 12"

525 copies on black vinyl.

For fans of: AmenRa, SunnO))), His Hero Is Gone and Boris.

The new split between OAKEN and MARNOST is upon us! The split arrived at ZBR headquarters on May 21st, 2014. Prepare to be absolutely annihilated, as this is one of the most punishing and pulverizing slabs of wax we've heard in quite some time. Definitely the heaviest ZBR release.

"Oaken are from Hungary and are personally interconnected with Rivers Run Dry. They play a furious dark hadcore heavily inspired by His Hero Is Gone and Amenra. On this split they have two songs in total length over 17 minutes. Marnost are a czech diy blackmetal/experimental project with members of Gattaca, Remek, Lakmé or Dakhma. Here they offer a 17 minutes song that was initially composed for an experimental dance movie Hamletophelia."

Listen here:

Zegema Beach Records (Canada/World) Bookhouse (USA), Catanarchy (Austria), Dingleberry (Germany), Dzsukhell! (Hungary), IFB (USA), Itai Itai (Hungary), Middle Man (USA), MxFxL (Czech rep.), Prejudice Me (UK), Rotten Raven (Slovakia), THC&DIY (Austria)

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