KIKEN - Rising (cassette)


KIKEN - Rising (cassette)

3.00 6.00

Released on Zegema Beach Records and Dingleberry Records

For fans of: Antioch Arrow, The Blood Brothers and The Locust.

Spastic, disturbing and violent synths/bass and vocal onslaught from our soon to be alien overlords Hydra Kiken. The guitarist/vocalist of Life In Vacuum takes over vocal duties while Nick will melt your brain with the instrumentals and effects that sound like an intergalactic war. The songs range from a blitz of screamy post-punk/hardcore to what sounds like alien transmissions and choirs. This is a dark and mind-altering sonic experience.

Black tape with double-sided crimson red imprint and red film trim w/double-sided j-card/lyrics. 1st press /70. 8 songs.

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