TETOLA93 - Tetola93 (12")

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TETOLA93 - Tetola93 (12")

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For fans of: Yaphet Kotto, Killie and Ampere.

The final album from one of Japan's most intense and innovative bands is finally upon us! 14 tracks of despair, hope, passion and fury for fans of Killie, Louise Cyphre, and Envy. Breaking up in the middle of 2013, TETOLA93 tracked one final album that will stand as their legacy - and they recorded entirely by themselves. The album combines re-recordings of old favorites with new epic songs and a fully realized production that brings everything together. This is truly one of the most ground-breaking records to come out of Japan and a serious contender for album of the year. The LP comes on black vinyl with lyric insert & download card sealed in a printed envelope, all in a full-color jacket printed on recycled chipboard. The limited Japanese edition comes with a hand-printed CD-R containing all the tracks and is available during pre-orders ONLY. This album is a co-production between Seattle's MeatCubeLabel and Canada's Zegema Beach Records.

For fans of: Killie, Circle Takes The Squre, Combat Wounded Veteran, Yaphet Kotto, Me And Him Make It Us and I Am Alaska.

Black 12" vinyl. 14 songs.

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