KOMUSŌ - Komusō (cassette)


KOMUSŌ - Komusō (cassette)

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KOMUSŌ - Komusō cassetteEP (ZBR119)

for fans of: Louise Cyphre, Sans Visage and Loma Prieta

Absolutely ridiculous debut, 4-song cassette EP with members from Japan/Sweden and bands 5000, Cape Light, Careless and No Omega. Melodic, chaotic, blazing and tranquil, this band has it all and it's all amazing.

***60 copies with four tape variants and five cover variants
*tape variants:
- 20 clear w/blue+gold glitter
- 20 black+white
- 10 gold plated (painted)
- 10 silver plated (painted)
*cover variants (made to order):
- venus violet (cardstock)
- lunar blue (cardstock)
- solar yellow (cardstock)
- gamma green (cardstock)
- re-entry red (cardstock)

***4 songs, 2 songs per side
***8 minutes in length
***orders come w/free Komusō sticker + ZBR sticker

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Tape color:
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