SWALLOWS NEST ep + tour / EYELET tape / new stock items / ZBR Fest 2019 post

The Daves are going on tour. No orders will be shipped from June 27th to July 15th, 2019. CanaDave screams in Swallows Nest and USofDave plays the geetar in Crowning. Come take a gander at what’s new while we’re gone. Or better yet, come say hi to us on tour!

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SWALLOWS NEST tour + release
Tape variant breakdown:
5 on black w/white/blue/gold swirl (ZBR pre-order version)
20 on blue/green/yellow swirl (ZBR version)
15 on random swirl + 10 on white (European tour/Dingleberry version)
25 on metallic blue/metallic green and red swirl (DHDC version)

SWALLOWS NEST - Swallows Nest (cassetteEP)

SWALLOWS NEST - Swallows Nest (cassetteEP) (ZBR156)

For fans ofDangers!, Welcome The Plague Year and Hedge Fund Trader

The final recordings from the initial SWALLOWS NEST sessions when Dave was still in New Zealand. These four songs portray a range of emotions, but generally frustration, anger and screaming are at the forefront. Kinda screamo, kinda hardcore and kinda post-hardcore, the members have spent time in Machina Rex, Yung Nat$, The World That Summer, мятеж, Apostles Of Eris, etc. and go on tour with Crowning in Europe this summer.

75 tapes over 5 variants w/j-card. 4 songs. Download code included.
5 on black w/white/blue/gold swirl (ZBR pre-order version)
20 on blue/green/yellow swirl (ZBR version)
25 on random swirl (European tour/Dingleberry version)
15 on metallic blue/metallic green and red swirl + 10 on white (DHDC version)

Listen here:

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We will let you know via facebook when the tapes are out of stock. I wouldn’t expect that to be until August at the earliest.

We will let you know via facebook when the tapes are out of stock. I wouldn’t expect that to be until August at the earliest.

EYELET tapes

It’s no secret that ZBR is a big fan of Eyelet. I think we have nearly everything they’ve ever recorded up in the store. So when I got a sneak preview of their new EP, of course I thought we would release it. I hit up their drummer Robbie (of мища and Chug Life blog fame), and while he and the band were game, they had a couple stipulations. Much like the digital release, they wanted it to be a surprise… and they wanted it to be free.

So we said fuck it. The new cassette from Eyelet “The Howling in the Hall”, is free. A gift from us and the band.

There’s 50 total.

We’re happy to give them away, but we didn’t want to also pay your shipping. So here’s how it works…

The next 50 orders in either the Canada or US store come with the new Eyelet cassette. No promo code or anything like that. This is all the stock we’ll have and this is the only way to get it, so go ahead and pick something out.

If you buy a Senza tape, it comes with an eyelet tape.
Snag a Respire second pressing, it comes with an eyelet tape.
Preorder the new Drei Affen? Guess what…it’s coming with an eyelet cassette.
Don’t like eyelet, but buy the Binary 12”? I’ve got bad news, it comes with an eyelet cassette.

The only way to totally fuck us over is to only buy a sticker, so don’t only buy a sticker. You’ll waste a cool thing.


12”s and tapes ship in August.

SENZA - Even A Worm Will Turn (12"LP)
from 6.00

For fans of: Truman, Flesh Born and Jeromes Dream.

Released May 28th, 2019. Tapes ship immediately and 12”s ship August 2019.

Our tag line for this record has been “YOU ARE NOT READY” so we should probably drop that now, for it is here in all its glory. SENZA’s first LP ‘Even A Worm Will Turn’ features 12 utterly devastating screamo/emo-violence influenced by early Jeromes Dream but much more technical and with heavier metal leanings. Three vocalists screech at the top of their lungs and those drums…my god, those drums. 12”s and tapes available from the band, Zegema Beach and Middle Man.

12” black vinyl /500 and tapes /100 (50 blue + 50 white). Download code included.

Listen here:

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BLUE NOISE - everyone goes away eventually (cassetteLP)
from 7.00

BLUE NOISE - everyone goes away eventually (cassetteLP) (ZBR163)

For fans ofTruman, Respire and Deafheaven

Holy shit, the solo project from Maya Chun (Youth Novel, The Cheeseburger Picnic, Monster Bad, etc.) just recorded a 10-song LP of atmostpheric black metal meets screamo and it is utterly sensational. Releasing in full at the end of May 2019, the 50 tapes are spread across 25 dark blue and 25 beautiful marbleized swirl. Do no sleep on this stunning debut LP!!!

50 tapes on /25 dark blue and /25 swirled marble in a clear case (first 10 orders get a swirled marble case) w/j-card. 10 songs. Download code included.

Listen here:

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VALTIEL promo.jpg
VALTIEL - Human Error (cassetteEP)

VALTIEL - Human Error (cassette) (ZBR163)

For fans ofBright Calm Blue, People’s Temple Project and Binary.

Incredible debut EP from Seattle’s VALTIEL. Boasting members from Save BanditItemfinderCounter/Balance, and Ketamine Cat, the mixture of late 90s screamy hardcore and metalcore influence create a raw, temperamental vibe that is both beautiful and disturbing.

60 tapes. 15 release show, 10 pre-order, 10 band swirl and 25 band silver copies. Each tape variant in a case w/j-card & insert. 5 songs. Download code included.

Listen here:

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YAROSTAN / ALESKA - 2xLP split (cassette)
from 8.00

YAROSTAN / ALESKA - 2xLP split (cassette) (ZBR155)

For fans ofDaïtro, Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket, Envy, Amanda Woodward and We Never Learned To Live

A Zegema Beach Records exclusive, this 70+ minute cassette features two unreal new full lengths from France. Side A is YAROSTAN’s phenomenal debut 5-track album that includes dual vocals and some excellent singing that almost extends to 12XU and Baton Rouge territory. Side B houses ALESKA’s new 8-track full length that also boasts dual screams, albeit a bit heavier and with a nice grasp of riding the extremes.

20 four-color marble swirl tapes (+4 tests) & 30 solid silver metallic sparkle cassettes with j-card in a plastic sleeve /54. 13 songs. Download code included.

Listen here:

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ZEGEMA BEACH RECORDS Fest 2019 was euphoric, there’s no other way around it. (((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain))))) has done two posts about it, one a video recap of all of the bands and the other a podcast with our two friends at Emocat Records. Check them out below!

ZBR Fest video post

ZBR Fest recap podcast

There’s a bunch of stuff in the Specials section of the Canadian store as well as the U.S. store from Moment Of Collapse Records, so I highly recommend checking those out!

15.00 18.00

For fans of: Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket, Rosetta and Respire.

Dark and disturbing screamo and followup to one of the most epic releases of all-time. Helluvan effort, cuz this thing rocks.. Released on Moment Of Collapse. The slightest of corner damage.

12” on black vinyl with lyric insert. 9 songs.

Listen here:

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CAPSULE - No Ghost (12")

For fans of: Rayleigh, Smile To The Wind and Dim Into Dross.

One of the most celebrated mathy screamo/hardcore bands and their final full length release. Mindbogglingly good. Released on Moment Of Collapse.

12” on black vinyl with lyric jacket. 12 songs.

Listen here:

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