ZBR Fest weekend pass

ZBR Fest license.jpg
ZBR Fest license.jpg

ZBR Fest weekend pass


The $32.50 WEEKEND PASS includes the following:

*entrance to the shows #1 on Friday, June 2nd and #2 on Saturday, June 3rd
*exclusive show #1 poster by Vanessa (Crowning) and show #2 poster by Mike (Lessener)
*3 free ZBR 12"s and 1 free 7"

Friday June 2nd (6-11pm): Sarin - Commuovere - The Ultimate Screamo Band - Terry Green - Crowning - Massa Nera - Respire

Saturday June 3rd (6-11pm): Fraera - Lessener - Coma Regalia - What Of Us - People's Temple Project - The World That Summer - Foxmoulder

All shows at D-Beatstro in Toronto, ON. All records and posters can be picked up at any of the shows on June 1st, 2nd and 3rd. NO SHIPPING cost. We WILL NOT ship these products. You must PICK THEM UP.

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