VIA FONDO are from Sweden, but my first guess was Italy - as the band oozes Raein and La Quiete, but do have a lot in common with fellow Swedes, Trachimbrod. If you like your music lightning fast and as pretty as a bouquet of flowers, this band will give you exactly what you're looking for.

When someone posted the band-made video for "Rovaniemi" on one of my community pages, I watched it and was absolutely floored. The song was extremely dark, dense and chaotic, and then transitioned into a softer and more melodic European screamo anthem by the 1:10 mark. The video is a great stop-motion animation that captures the intensity and beauty of the song.

So when I read that the band had yet to find a label, my brain exploded.

Good news!!! VIA FONDO will be releasing their new 12" EP this winter on Zegema Beach Records and the clear 1-sided silkscreened ninyl will include "Rovaniemi" as well as 2 other exclusive tracks. Buy it below!

Being involved with this release still gives me goosebumps. I haven't heard a better piece of music in 2013 since this song nestled itself into my brain.

VIA FONDO - Fast (12")

For fans of: La Quiete, Trachimbrod, Raein, Daitro, Deafheaven, Rainmaker and Suis La Lune.

Ridiculous post-hardcore screamo EP by Sweden's new forerunner for best export! Honestly, this EP is going to make some lists. Imagine the speed and brutality of Deafheaven with the beauty and melody of La Quiete and Raein. /300

Clear vinyl with B-side etching. Comes in 12" inner poly sleeve with 2-sided artwork insert. 3 songs.

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