preorder!!! BLIND GIRLS - Residue (tape/12"LP)


preorder!!! BLIND GIRLS - Residue (tape/12"LP)

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BLIND GIRLS - Residue cassette/12"LP (ZBR133)

For fans of: Lord Snow, Capsule and Loma Prieta

Releases Nov. 13th, 2018. Ships December 2018.

Years in the making, this 11-track full length album from Australia’s BLIND GIRLS on the Gold Coast is finally unleashed upon the world via the band and Zegema Beach Records. Technical, screamy, volatile and fast as fuck, these songs will likely floor anyone looking for music in the realm of Lord Snow, Frail Hands and Mahria.

12” black vinyl/150 with insert. Transparent red cassette/65 with j-card and sticker. 11 tracks. Download code included.

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