For fans of: SunnO))), Neurosis and Alaskan.


WORMRIDER hailed from Philadelphia. I was introduced to the band's music by Steve Roche, who recorded the band and mentioned that I should check them out. 

"Anubis" is an 18-minute droning, apocalyptic affair with some evil sounding growls that remind me of an early Curl Up And Die meets Co-Pilot which are then doused in black metal.  The track wanders and builds for over 10 minutes before WORMRIDER drops the synth on the listener and the song really hits its peak for the 10-15-minute mark. "This Planet Is An Egg" doesn't reach 10 minutes, but the song delves right into a sludgy/dark brand of doom-metal not unlike Neurosis and I don't listen to a lot of stuff like this so my band comparisons may be a bit off.

Steve Roche recorded this at Permanent Hearing Damage Studios.