***Under A Sky So Blue***

For fans of: Joshua Fit For Battle, In Loving Memory and The Usual.

UNDER A BLUE SKY play dark, brooding screamy hardcore and emo-violence in the vein of early 2000s bands such as Joshua Fit For Battle, Love Lost But Not Forgotten and my personal favourite Neil Perry. There's also a hint of The Saddest Landscape in the higher-pitched vocals, especially in "Truth Is", which touches on a bit of melodic stuff near the end that is not unlike The Usual and Caust. "United?" is really bass-heavy with multiple vocalists taking shots at the same time over dank, sludgy riffs. "Nothing is Genuine Anymore" reminds me a lot of JFFB and the low screamer coupled with the breakdown during the last half of the song is one of the best sections of the band's demo. The final song, "Right to Well-Being" is the only track over 2 minutes and actually clocks in at 3:43. The song flows really well and is a great way to close the demo. My only complaint - there aren't more songs. So, yeah...get on that ;)

The band is currently on a short tour in the US!