For fans of: Cassilis, Seventeen Again and Okkotonushi.

I love when bands I've never heard of send me stuff and it just kills me. TRUMAN is one of those bands. I sat on the email because I was busy, and now I'm kicking myself for doing so. These Richmond, Virginia boys have created 2 more than decent screamy hardcore tracks that were right up my alley. The screaming is hoarse, thick and very engaging, along with the jazzy stops and starts as well as the wailing spacey guitars that bands such as Swan Of Tuonela, Dolcim and Rats Into Robots. Some parts are very bass heavy such as 4-minute mark or so of "And Between The Wasteland And The Sky". In addition, both tracks also delve into an what I like to call Intronaut-sounding porno bass, at times. There are vocals that turn almost black-metal but generally its throaty yet scream and the instrumental backing also incorporates clean screamo parts that all really fucking work. Highly recommended!!!