***Shizune / Infro / Things Fall Apart / Tall Ships Set Sail***

For fans of: 1994!, Via Fondo and The Reptilian.

The first band, THINGS FALL APART, romp through 2 songs of playful hardcore with elements of emo, twinkle, sing-alongs and, let's be honest, an obvious love (or insane coincidence of such) of Hot Water Music.

Next, TALL SHIPS SET SAIL don't sound all that different to these untrained ears, but I guess they lose the Hot Water Music and replace it with a mixture of other styles that kinda mash into obscurity as the cohesiveness takes a hit and the songs don't really have a distinct personality. That being said, I do hear some Twelve Hour Turn and The Pine influence.

INFRO was a pleasant surprise. They hail from Japan and play a very aggressive form of punk/shoegaze/emo that is really hard to place. I'm reminded of Dip Leg, Hi-Standard and Tetola93 to name a few, but the band plays a much poppier brand of post-hardcore that almost meets up with the sounds of Guiltmaker and Moving Mountains. Their second song clocks in at 3:35 but is more like 2:15 because of the movie clip intro. Seriously, at first the band just didn't sound right but by the end I was a big fan. They even challenged SHIZUNE for top spot on this 4-way.

Speaking of SHIZUNE, these guys drop 2 songs of beautiful, screamy post-hardcore in the vein of Via Fondo, Rainmaker, Young Mountain and Shirokuma. They come at you with their first track much like Envy's earlier work while the latter part of the song slows down and gets a little more melodic while not taking their collective foot off the gas pedal. "March Blizzard in Rostov na Donu" does the opposite and starts very clean and slow before letting loose right before the end of the song.