For fans of: Seventeen Again, His Hero Is Gone and The Expectorated Sequence.

Caustic, raging hardcore that sounds like hardcore punk, but heavier and more controlled. The band doesn't sound sloppy or too polished, and certainly bring the heat and bridge over in to some screamier territory as well. It's not far from Jungbluth although it has less emphasis on catchiness and melody.

"Train Full Of Optimists Crashing Into Reality" is phenomenal. The passion in the vocals is palpable. The instrumentals are destructive. Holy shit. "Insomnia" has a great breakdown at 45 seconds, as does "God Free Youth". "The Path Of Least Resistance" is another stellar song that is also the closer. Be sure to at least check out those 4.

There are a shitload of great German bands right now!

And by the way, the silkscreened B-side looks unbelievable!