***Never Young***

For fans of: And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Daydreaming, Whir and The Cure.


One of the guys in Calculator sent me this, as he is in NEVER YOUNG as well...obviously. NEVER YOUNG is similar and different to his aforementioned band, as NEVER YOUNG gracefully weaves across many lines that include 80s rock, fuzz-pop, post-punk and I don't even know what else...hardcore? Some parts are fuzzed-out and remind me of Mansions meets (obviously) Calculator - but mostly I hear a strong The Cure influence - or other 80s goth-rock bands that I am not versed in. Songs like "Repeating" bring to mind late Bright Calm Blue and Secret Smoker and mix post-punk with bouncy shoegaze/emo riffs. "Main Stacks" is one of my personal favourites, as they seem to get the soft/hard rock dynamic perfect and it is reminiscent of a very stoned North Of America. "Tolerable" is an aggressive and yelly affair that reminds me of The Impossibles. People are talking about this release, so make sure you give it a listen and make your own evaluation!