***Meryl Streaker***

For fans of: Gas Up Yr Hearse!, Nayru and An Encyclopedia Of American Traitors.

'Sky Burial' is comprised of 5 songs that combine dark screamo with some melody and punk alongside two vocalists, one of whom has a bottom-heavy yell/scream while the other, more prominent set of lungs takes the high road - that is, screams high like Gas Up Yr Hearse!, Nayru and early Saetia. It's good and shows promise (and they have an amazing band name) but it does pale in comparison when stood next to bands like Saetia, The Spirit Of Versailles and Nayru. That's not to say it's bad - not in the least. There are sections in some songs that are excellent, but as a whole it can't hold the majority of my attention, as sometimes those high screams irk me. I would be very interested to see where the band goes next and am eager to hear it. Maybe a wild river?