***Meraki/Toska & Distanced split***

For fans of: Watch For Wolves, Frameworks, Okktonushi, Good Riddance, and Thursday.

This is a pretty decent release.

MERAKI/TOSKA provide playful post-hardcore with both punk and screamo tendencies. There's a lot going on but if you really sit down with "A Fonder Heart" I'm sure you'll get at least a little excited. The vocals dip between the throaty yells of Sketchbooks and thick screaming ala State Faults and Watch For Wolves. Good stuff.

DISTANCED play post-hardcore meets skate punk. They immediately bring Good Riddance and Thursday to mind, mixing Russ Rankin's vocals (albeit more hardcore) with some really intricate instrumental arrangements. The band is certainly talented and put 2 good songs on display, but are overshadowed by the