For fans of: In Reverent Fear, The Bled, Tentacles and State Faults.

Let's be honest - Austin, Texas is absolutely tearing shit up at the moment. Add LYED to this list, but definitely make sure you put them near the top. This shit is off the hook. Serious. What we've got here are 4 songs that take the melodies of bands like State Faults/Frameworks, bludgeons those melodies to death and then reassembles them with more harshness and adds a bit of metallic hardcore. All you really have to do is give "Crooked Arrows" a listen and you'll have the general idea. The breakdown 30 seconds into "Letter #48" is heavy as shit, and most people will probably shed the State Faults and Bled references there. The screaming is absolutely shreds. I love how thick the vocals are. They remind me a lot of In Reverent Fear's 'Written In The AM' although don't have the placement down to the degree that IRF did, which is a near impossible task in its own right. Regardless, the primary vocalist, as well as the additional vocals, is one of the best things about the band. Fucking awesome. Another band that surprised the hell outta me. Without a doubt, check this out!