Girl Scouts / Loud / Kilgore Trout / Secret Plot To Destroy The Entire Universe

***4-WAY 7" SPLIT***

GIRL SCOUTS - Old Gray meets Brave Little Toaster and Calculator/Secret Smoker.

LOUD - Nice shoegazey emo with a few post-hardcore leanings. Think slow, pretty and drawling music that starts as slow atmospheric rock and builds into 90's emo.

SECRET PLOT TO DESTROY THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE - Gifts From Enola, Ira and Disappearer-inspired driving atmospheric post-rock. After the first minute, I totally thought this was going to be an instrumental band like Russian Circles or Tomydeepestego - until the vocals came in.

KILGORE TROUT - Any Vonnegut reference gets my undivided attention. A City of Caterpillar dreamy and naturalistic intro leads to absolute chaos. What a great fucking song.