***Late Night Beers***

For fans of: Of Us Giants, Hum and The Smiths.


LATE NIGHT BEERS play a dreamy, shoegaze style of emo-rock. There are some moments that almost delve into Forensics-styled bass heavy rock jaunts, only to slide into a Jesu-meets-80s rock vibe. The band may be from New Jersey, USA but I would swear to anyone these guys were British. The music and vocals just really sound British! The vocals are a little monotone at times, but they fit with the endless lulling music that has some well-crafted peaks and valleys. I'm not really a sucker for this style of music, but I know some readers will dig this band - as they do what they do well. Take a listen and see if it tickles your fancy! This is great relaxing music.



Here are some live videos