***House Olympics***

For fans of: Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike and Bear vs. Shark.

Accurately self-described as punk-influenced emo from Bloomington, Indiana, HOUSE OLYMPICS are a new band that has written some pretty decent material, and they aren't slowing down.

The best part of the bandcamp featured track, "Super Smashed Bros", is the slow, dreamy interlude at 1:21 and again at 2:35. The rest of the track is decent if you're looking for Red Animal War meets Avail. They do it well, I just don't really listen to this style of music anymore.

A lot of the other songs follow the same formula, combining noodley/twinkly post-rock/indie riffs with abrasive, sing-along punk rock (aka Hot Water Music).

On "Tossing, Turning, Treading" from 3:00-4:00 there's a really awkward bass riff and spacey guitar that just don't jive, and leaves the song sounding much weaker than it actually is. "Everest" has some vocal stumbles but overall the band has good initial footing to build on.

Check out the band in July on their 10-day tour. They just released an EP in April and also have another EP coming out this year and a split with Birdbath this winter.