Fist Benders



For fans of: D'Amore, Old Gray and Cap'n'Jazz.

From California, FIST BENDERS play a lo-fi mix of rock, emo, twinkle, punk and screamo. The slow jams are awesome, they sway back and forth like Funeral Diner, Old Gray and D'Amore. The instrumental shift from these jazzy plucking emo bits to faster, harder screamo riffs that border of punk/folk, and are reminiscent of I Hate Myself and Twelve Hour Tour. The band loses momentum when the vocals revert to a La Dispute style talking/yell which can drop too low and it sounds awkward. The higher talking parts remind me of Algernon Cadwallader so I can let those slide. This band has definite potential and is certainly worth a listen. Apparently these are older songs so I'm excited to hear the band's new stuff!