***Chest Pain***

For fans of: Column Of Heaven, Jenny Piccolo, Pantera and Raised Fist.

CHEST PAIN were introduced to me by Brian, one of the members of the band who also spends time in the amazing screamo band For Want Of. This is a different beast, though.

CHEST PAIN play powerviolence, hardcore, sludge, grind and thrash in 18 pulverizing minutes. With 16 tracks you are looking at about 1 minute per song and there's no filler on this speed ride of death. For a band doing so much heavy, they are able to retain a fair amount of melody, albeit enveloped in a dark shroud of aggression and guitars tuned so low they like drop-D (but aren't, the assured me). I didn't know music can sound slow and sludgy but still have insane drum blasts and moments of sheer insanity.

There are no solos here, just massive amounts of controlled chaos.


Also be sure to check the band out on their massive tour. Dates listed below:

May 28 - San Antonio @ Lime Light w/ Capitalist Casualties
May 29 - El Paso @ The Sandboxxx w/ Capitalist Casualties
May 30 - Los Angeles @ House Show w/ Final Draft
May 31 - Las Vegas @ The Artistic Armory w/ Capitalist Casualties, Endless Demise
June 1 - Oakland @ 1-2-3-4 Go! Records w/ Dead Pressure
June 2 - Eugene @ The Boreal
June 3 - Seattle @ Black Lodge w/ Warthog, White Wards
June 4 - Portland @ Slabtown w/ Night nurse
June 5 - San Jose @ San Jose Rock Shop w/ Venkman
June 6 - Los Angeles @ House Show w/ Suffering Luna, Nasa Space Universe
June 7 - Phoenix @ Wall Street Warehouse w/ Gay Kiss
June 8 - Austin @ House Show
June 9 - Houston @ Walters w/ Turbokrieg
June 10 - New Orleans @ Hey Cafe
June 11 - Birmingham
June 12 - Raleigh @ Nice Price Books w/ Suppression
June 13 - Baltimore @ Temple Of Trige w/ Sleep Disorder
June 14 - New Jersey
June 15 - Philadelphia Matinee @ Slow Club w/ Chainsaw to the Face
June 16 - Long Island NY @ Soul Sounds Record Store
June 17 - Boston @ The Machine June 18 - Providence
June 19 - Amherst
June 20 - New York City
June 21 - Pittsburgh @ Mr. Roboto Project w/ Rabid Pigs
June 22 - Cleveland @ Now That's Class w/ Rabid Pigs
June 23 - Chicago @ Mousetrap
June 24 - Kansas City
June 25 - Denton @ Gatsby's Mansion