Buffalo Buffalo

For fans of: The Impossibles, Harvey Danger and Champagne Girls.


BUFFALO BUFFALO, from Tallahassee cites as Sunny Day Real Estate, Jawbox, Pile, MewithoutYou, and Pedro the Lion as influences. What I hear is that these guys offer up songs that sound like The Impossibles meet Nerf Herder at a Weezer show. The songs are really catchy without sounding overly polished or cheesy. Occasionally the band dabbles in dual vocals and reminds of old Sewing With Nancy and other times ("Useless S.O.S." in particular) has a brooding grunge feel with a late-90's emo tinge. This isn't genre shattering, but the band has certainly honed their sound and do it well. For fans of rock/emo/pop-punk that doesn't suck.

Graham said this of their upcoming news:
"Spirit Cat Tapes and Renegade State Records are helping us release it on cassette and CD respectively. We're also putting it out ourselves on 10" vinyl and touring up to Boston and back in support of it in March."