***Bolo Santosi***

For fans of: Creeper, Canyons, Abandoned Hearts Club, Botch and Enkephalin.

Oooo I'm always a sucker for controlled chaos, especially the violent guitar and dominant bass kind. BOLO SANTOSI delivers and then some. It needed my undivided attention before I could appreciate the subtleness with which the band bashes my brain in. "Hookers And Drones" gets the party started in an uncomfortable fashion, with pulsating and grinding guitars alongside demented/distorted vocals. Imagine Pee Wee Herman having an influence on Canyons and Creeper and you've got the right idea. "Catheter" is a nice, Botchy romp, while "Death Rattle" is as bouncy as it is destructive and the closer "Coffee Enema" has a These Arms Are Snakes feel to it. BOLO SANTOSI are abrasive, engaging and scary. Fuckin' sweet.

Recorded by Will Killingsworth, to boot.

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