***Antpile / Nurture split***

For fans of: People's Temple Project, Youth Novel and Gulfer.

NURTURE roll out 1 track of pounding post-hardcore/screamo with a focus on dreamy, slow twinkly parts that reminds me of Versoma and The Exploration. The song has really cool dynamics that shift from softer, bouncier math-rock to thick, relatively chaotic screamy stuff.

ANTPILE drop 2 tracks of really cool twinkly screamo ala Youth Novel and Via Fondo. This band was a hell of a surprise, and I'll be checking out their discography after finishing this review. "Mid-Fall" is amazing, but "Your Song" leaves a fair amount to be desired as the track takes more than 2 minutes to really get going and I'm not totally sold on the clean vocals. That being said, this band has serious potential.