***Panucci's Pizza / Bonjour Machines / Important Things / Personality Disorders ***

For fans of: Into It. Over It., The Exploration, Duct Hearts and Sigur Ros.

PANUCCI'S PIZZA sounds a hell of a lot like Into It. Over It., so if warbly punk/emo is your bag you'll be all over this. There are more gang vocals and sing-alongs here and that part reminds me of Bomb The Music Industry. They are from the US.

BONJOUR MACHINES play a very refreshing brand of twinkly emo and rock. I thought this band from Israel was going to be an instrumental band at first, but the vocals crept in just over 2-minutes in to their first track detract from the overall sound as they are relatively monotonous and don't sound all that inspired. Regardless, the instrumentals are worth a listen and the vocals aren't bad, they just don't stand up well next to the rest of the band. They hail from Israel.

IMPORTANT THINGS are reminiscent of Duct Hearts and, again, Into It. Over It. Punk meets emo with generally softer tones but gruffer vocals and some well-placed trumpets. As you can most likely gather from the vocalist, these guys are from the UK.

PERSONALITY DISORDERS slow things down a little too much for my taste. I love me some Sigus Ros but the vocals here don't have much variation and are generally just a whisper over bare-bone, dreamy guitars. It's good for what it is, I guess, but it's certainly not my style. This is the second band on the split that are from the US.