4-Way San Fran split


This is a great split cassette with 4 bands: 2 from San Francisco, 1 from San Diego and 1 from Russia.

DAYCARE was a very pleasant surprise. This band employs the stylings of Bright Calm Blue, Wolverines and Frameworks. It hovers somewhere between those bands and midwestern screamo like D'Amore, Greyscale, Caught In The Fall and Eyes Of Verotika.

AMERICAN MEMORIES play slow, distant and dreamy screamo with hints of The Pine and Four Hundred Years. Very late 90s. Good stuff.

FLOWERS TAPED TO PENS offers up 2 tracks on this split and they have a rough/wailing/tinny screamo sound much akin to Spirit of Versailles and Yusuke. This band would sound much improved if the lo-fi and distant recording was of even slightly higher quality.

NEVASCA also brings 2 songs to the table that are a little out of place on this split. That's not to say they aren't good, but this is much more poppy garage-emo with some twinkly shoegaze parts. Fans of bands like The Mark Inside and softer emo-rock.