LOCKTENDER play a very interesting style of music. The name certainly gives an indication if we take it literally - being put into a "lock" is constrictive and painful, but "tender" indicates warmth and love. With a LOCKTENDER song you're probably going to get 2 things - the extremes. Extremely heavy and aggressive sections that lead to or from extremely melodic and clean expanses. If you dabble in the likes of Envy, Rosetta, Envy and Fall Of Efrafa we're sure you can understand. If you are familiar with Men As Trees, this is the offspring of that band and shares pretty much all of the same members.

For some strange reason, I was introduced to LOCKTENDER through my own ZBR label! Cassilis and Amber were both good friends with the band and spoke so highly of them I checked them out. "Wow," was my first thought. "This is way ahead of its time," was the second. The band is truly able to straddle not just one line between two genres, but a goddamn cobweb of them. Everything is seamless and flows perfectly, with no filler or self-indulgent meanderings.

I'm tingling just listening to this new track for the Amber split 7" that was released today on 4 labels: Zegema Beach Records, Halo Of Flies Records, I Corrupt Records and Narshardaa Records. OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain also posted a very lengthy interview which you can peruse here. Lastly, these guys are some of the most down to earth and beautiful people I've ever had the pleasuring of meeting. Watch them destroy Kalamazoo with their full 3-song set linked with videos here.

from 6.00

For fans of: Cult Of Luna, Pelican and Neurosis.

Choice of black or white 7" vinyl. 1 exclusive track by each band.

AMBER - Heritage (4:41)
LOCKTENDER - The Piazza (5:11)

1000 copies.
700 black & 300 white 7" vinyl.

Co-released with Nar Shardaa (Germany), I Corrupt (Germany) and Halo Of Flies (US).

ZBR will only ship these 7" records to the US or Germany if ordered with other ZBR titles.

Americans please order from Halo Of Flies HERE.
Europeans please order from Nar Shardaa Records HERE or I Corrupt Records HERE.

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