LA PARADE hail from Spain, and play passionate post-hardcore combined with twinkly screamo. If you are a fan of Standstill, Envy and Sed Non Satiata - LA PARADE will be your new favourite band.

After hearing the band's 3-song demo on bandcamp, I listened to it no less than 40 times in 6 months. The band has since sent ZBR the 10 tracks that will be included on their debut LP 'Voces Del Exilio' and they are unbelievable.

These 10 songs will be released on Zegema Beach Records as a 12"LP with a 1st pressing of 500 copies that will include an mp3 download. 500 copies of the cd will also be available for sale. Copies available now!!!

I must say that I am honoured to be a part of this project, as LA PARADE's demo was a large reason that I started this label.