ICE HOCKEY is a band ZBR came across after Joe posted some songs online. We listened to them and immediately contacted the band because they are one of the best things we have heard all year. Belieb. The combination of melodic noodling, controlled chaos, jamming interludes and shrill screams bring to mind the glory days of discordant, abrasive and melodic screamo; Funeral Diner, Khayembii Communique, Mara'akate and Dispensing Of False Halos as well as newer bands such as Loma Prieta, Descubriendo A Mr. Mime and The Sky Below And The Earth Above.

ICE HOCKEY will be releasing their debut 7" titled "The Way It Is Now" on Zegema Beach Records and Off Cloud 9 Records in mid-2014. The 5 song EP is pays homage to Ten Grand, the band's primary influence, who released 'This is the Way to Rule' back in 2003.. A live video for "Do you know Mark Warm?" is posted below. It's awesome.