When Matt (the FOXMOULDER vocalist) approached Zegema Beach Records about helping release the 'Lethe' 7" we jumped at the chance to be involved with these super-rad Canadian boys. (stream/download for free/buy the 7" here) Their live show is always intense. Their songs are dripping with emotion. They play with conviction and emotion, but also tend to joke around in a self-satirical manner while being political at the same time. Confusing? Well, the music a whirlwind of parts, so the music fits the bill. You'll be surprised to hear that FOXMOULDER only employs 3 instrumentalists and a vocalist, because there's a lot of noise and chaos.

FOXMOULDER was the ZBR crew's first introduction to Toronto screamo. These guys are the cornerstone of the Toronto punk/hardcore/screamo scene and lead by example. Extremely humble dudes making killer music is the best combo ZBR could ask for. The band went through some lineup changes due to members' moving/jobs, but FOXMOULDER is solidified once again. They just released their 'Lethe' 7" vinyl on Zegema Beach Records, Middle-Man Records as well as Boslevan Recods which you can purchase below and will be releasing a split 5" with Coma Regalia on Zegema Beach Records and Middle Man Records in April, 2014 which you can listen to here.

FOXMOULDER - Lethe (7")

For fans of: Orchid, Reversal Of Man and Itto.

This 7" finally sees the light of day. 4 dark screamo tracks not unlike Mahria, Reversal Of Man and Orchid. White vinyl and amazing artwork.

ZBR005 - White 7" vinyl. 4 tracks.

Listen here:

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