Germany's AMBER have been releasing material at an extremely rapid pace, with 2 EPs and an upcoming split in less than 2 years. Every song is epic, beautiful and crushing. Combining lush atmospherics with slow, devastating breakdowns, the band pays homage to greats such as; Pelican, Isis, AmenRa, Cult of Luna, Rosetta, Back When and Buried Inside.

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The amazing news just keeps rolling in! AMBER will be releasing material with Zegema Beach Records! If you haven't heard this band yet, be prepared to go to the clothing store - because this is going to knock your goddamn socks off.

Click on the left to hear the first track from the debut vinyl release!

AMBER dropped their debut self-titled EP in April 2012. This cd/cassette release reeled me in as it sounded vaguely similar to many bands that I loved, yet it was so smooth, fluid and all-encompassing that it really separated itself from all my initial comparisons.

When the band quickly followed up with 'Lovesaken' in 2013 I was officially a fan for life. I was lucky enough to interview the band's drummer Jussi and we kept I touch. When I started Zegema Beach Records, contacting him was a no-brainer. It worked out so well it still makes me giddy.

So here we are today, with Zegema Beach Records releasing the AMBER demo/self-titled EP on 12" vinyl with a limited pressing of 300 copies. The vinyl includes limited artwork from Brent Wellington.

AMBER - Amber (12")

For fans of: Isis, Buried Inside, The Alaskan and Pelican.

Here is the phenomenal debut album by post-hardcore/metal outfit AMBER from Germany, finally available on 12" vinyl! These 5 tracks total 40 minutes with no wasted space. Massive riffs, huge beats and screamy female vocals. This is ZBR001. The first 100 copies ordered from ZBR include the black vinyl sleeve, while the remaining 234 copies have the white sleeve.

Black vinyl. 5 tracks.

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For fans of: Cult Of Luna, Pelican and Neurosis.

Choice of black or white 7" vinyl. 1 exclusive track by each band.

AMBER - Heritage (4:41)
LOCKTENDER - The Piazza (5:11)

1000 copies.
700 black & 300 white 7" vinyl.

Co-released with Nar Shardaa (Germany), I Corrupt (Germany) and Halo Of Flies (US).

ZBR will only ship these 7" records to the US or Germany if ordered with other ZBR titles.

Americans please order from Halo Of Flies HERE.
Europeans please order from Nar Shardaa Records HERE or I Corrupt Records HERE.

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